MGM Quarry

MGM is committed to producing premium crushed limestone, gravel, screened, and fill sand from our in-house quarries.


Our quarry plan considers all geological, environmental and operational factors for a safe and effective operation.


MGM Group’s quarry division is committed to producing premium crushed limestone, gravel, screened and fill sand from our in-house quarries.

Our key employees have a wealth of experience in crushing, blending and testing raw materials as first-grade resources are paramount in producing quality products.

The quarry materials in our company are regularly tested as per “Main Roads Standard.”


Crushed Limestone Products

  • 2mm Lime: used for agriculture and soil improvements.
  • 19mm Limestone: used for road construction, limestone blocks & footpaths.
  • 37mm Limestone: used for paving base.
  • 75mm Limestone: used for freeway, highway, road and driveway construction.
  • 100mm Limestone: used for spillways and drainage.

Crushed Gravel Products

  • 19mm Gravel: used for reconstituted blocks and for farmers driveways.
  • 37mm MRD Gravel: used for freeway, highway, road, and driveway construction.
  • 37mm Gravel/Limestone mix: used for shoulder and minor road works.

Sand Products

  • Screened Yellow: used for rendering.
  • Brickies Sand: used for domestic and industrial building construction.
  • Fill Sand: used for domestic/ commercial subdivisions or road construction.
  • Screened White Sand: used for horse arenas.

Aggregate Products

  • Metal Dust: used in drainage, concrete and asphalt construction.
  • Road Base: used in freeway, highway, road and driveway construction.
  • 14mm: used in drainage, concrete and asphalt construction
  • 20mm: used in drainage, concrete and asphalt construction
  • 50mm: used in railway construction as well as some drainage applications.

MGM has a wide range of plant and equipment to help suit your needs, from small 10 cubic metre loads, up to bulk tonnage for major construction/ commercial projects.

Let our track record and depth of experience not only meet all your requirements but exceed your expectations in delivery.

MGM Group embraces the principle of sustainable development, i.e. development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe this principle is fundamental to the continued success and growth of the company.

Specifically, MGM Group is committed to the following

  • Complying with environmental legislation, regulations, standards, and codes of practice relevant to the particular business as the absolute minimum requirement in each of the communities in which we operate.
  • Conduct or operate to minimise and where practicable, eliminate adverse enviromental impacts.
  • Continual improvments of our enviromental performance  including regular review and the setting of enviromental objectives and targets.
  • Conducting business with suppliers and contractors who have a commitment to a responsible enviromental policy.

Our goal is to return our quarries back to pristine conditions for sustainability of our future‘s generation. It is the group’s responsibility to ensure our earth is not compromised through unplanned quarry activities.


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